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About The Great British Pop Up Shop

Donna with her mum
Donna's Mum

A little over seven years ago after moving to the Bay Area, I decided to start my own English baking company. In addition to my baking company, I also own Genuine Goodness Cafe with my business partner Diane.

I have been baking since I was a small child. My Mum (Grandma) was a pastry chef who worked in a manor house. Mum lived about 2 miles away from us in Cumbria. She looked after my brother and I every day while our Mam worked. We were very close, even as a teenager when she no longer looked after us I would visit her at least twice a week.

Mum's skills were passed to me through my Mam, who is a wonderful cook and great baker as well.

Now, with The Great British Pop Up Shop I am so pleased to be able to combine baking my favorite British treats with importing a carefully curated selection of well known British goods for all my British ex-pats and Anglophile friends.

~ Donna

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